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What's New with DOLLS

Have you seen all the new things we have going on? First off, our June/July 2010 issue just hit with the latest beautiful incarnation of “Vita” by Horsman on the cover. Themed pop culture, this is one of my favorite issues of late, especially because of the crazy-cool story it has in it about the Estonian pop star, Kerli, who recently hired doll designer and owner of Goodreau Doll, Paulette Goodreau, to customize some of her top-notch ball-jointed dolls (BJDs) for her latest music video for, “Tea Party.” The singer cut the song “Tea Party” for the Almost Alice album release in conjunction with the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland that came out this March.

The doll world is often a very niche hobby unknown or misunderstood by the larger population. I love that by showcasing dolls in her video, Kerli has shown the world that dolls are cool, relevant and fun. Hopefully she has grown the doll collecting audience through her innovative use of dolls, and at the very least, helped grow cultural recognition of what dolls are really all about.

Also, don’t miss the great new video that shows many of the fabulous 2010 doll offerings from an array of doll manufacturers and artists. This and more (paper dolls, contests, blogs) are waiting for you to enjoy at www.dollsmagazine.com. Until later!


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