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Discovering Reborns Leads Veronica Lale to New Career

A summary of Veronica Lale’s background gives no clue that she would become a talented reborn artist. She worked as a freelance journalist for a local newspaper for a few years and is now a part-time employee for the regional government of her country. She lives in a small village in northern Italy, on the border with France and Switzerland, with her husband, Stefano, and her two children, Corinne and Joel. Rounding out her family is their cocker spaniel, Maya. Nothing in her early life served to guide her to the craft she pursues now; she had no background in art — but she did have a passion for dolls.

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Human or Fantasy, Shawna Burnell Makes Lifelike Babies

For Shawna Clymer, 2023 will be a year of many adjustments. First, she will be reverting to her maiden name, Burnell, and her business will be renamed Art by Shawna. Additionally, the Washington State artist will be forging ahead in a brand-new direction. “I am privately working in a new medium. I am not ready to share it at this time. However, readers can join my newsletter and watch for updates for anyone interested in hearing of my latest creations. I hope to share them with you in the new year!” Burnell said.

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Mastering New Mediums: Beverly Stoehr Unveils New Silicone Baby Dolls

Beverly Stoehr has enjoyed a long and storied career as a doll artist because each of her creations springs from her heart. Stoehr’s lifelong affection for baby dolls goes back to her childhood, and the artist has never seen that appreciation wane. Dolls have always been a part of her life — as playthings in her youth, collectibles in her adulthood, and symbols of her devotion to making art and making dreams come true.

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Lights! Camera! Laura Tuzio-Ross’ Lifelike Dolls Draw Filmmakers as Well as Collectors

Laura Tuzio-Ross, who was voted this year’s Artist of the Year in the Dolls Awards of Excellence, has been pleasing collectors for nearly two decades with her vinyl reborns and silicone baby dolls. Her life-size sculpts are so realistic that she’s also become a go-to woman when a producer needs a lifelike baby doll. Her incredible sculpted infants have a thriving life as actors, stand-ins, and supporting players. It’s a path that Tuzio-Ross never would have envisioned for herself, but she is walking it like a red-carpet luminary.

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Maria Lynn Grover Offers Babies in All Sizes

Maria Lynn Grover is not only a sculptor and artist in her own right, she also shares her talents as a mold maker and caster with her fellow artists. She’s excited by the lineup slated to come from Maria Lynn Dolls this year: “Over this coming summer, we will be pouring several new releases from some fantastic sculptors, including soft-body partial babies, full-body silicone babies, and some lovely new miniatures as well.

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