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LuLu Tatum’s Creations Are a Kaleidoscope of Creativity  

Artist LuLu Tatum’s mind is vibrantly kaleidoscopic, bursting with an endless swirl of ideas just waiting to evolve into delightful reality. Her body of work encompasses original one-of-a-kind (OOAK) dolls, bears, and other animals; paintings in watercolor, oil, and mixed media; limited-edition prints; clothing and jewelry designs; and extreme primitives, all springing from the fertile wonderland in her head to inhabit the real world.

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Dolls Magazine July 2023

The July 2023 issue of DOLLS is 64 full-color pages. This issue is our special annual Debut of Dolls collector’s edition! Inside, you’ll find articles on more than 30 dollmakers, including Elizabeth Cooper, Dianna Effner Dolls, Lauren Faith Jaimes, Madame Alexander (celebrating their centennial), Maria Lynn Dolls, Meadowdolls, Kaye Wiggs, and more! Plus, we have previews of several summer doll shows and our column on vintage dolls.

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