Author: Joyce Greenholdt

Island Dreams: Alena Amicus Settles Into New Life in Britain

Fashion and fantasy BJD artist Alena Amicus (Elena Kochurova’s professional name) won an Industry’s Choice award in the Teen/Adult Doll category in last year’s Dolls Awards of Excellence. Late last year, the Russian artist and her husband were able to move to Great Britain. Alena is continuing her dollmaking and working on new designs as they both settle into their new home.

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World of EPI Pioneers New Techniques to Make Authentic ‘Black Panther’ Dolls

Doll and toy manufacturer World of EPI is set to release Series 1 of its Fresh Dolls Fierce collection Oct. 1. The dolls depict the powerful characters Shuri, Okoye, and Nakia from the upcoming movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, arriving in theaters Nov. 11. Dr. Lisa Williams, the company’s founder, said that working with Marvel Studios to create the licensed dolls is “truly almost unbelievable. Even though we’ve been working with them for about a year, it’s still one of those ‘pinchable moments’ — you want to pinch yourself to make sure this is real, that I didn’t dream this.

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World of EPI: Dedicated to Entertainment, Publishing, Inspiration

Entertainment, Publishing, Inspiration: Those three words are what the “EPI” in World of EPI stands for. Dr. Lisa Williams had already built a stellar career in academia before she founded the company in 2003, having earned her Ph.D. in marketing and logistics, and becoming a tenured professor at Penn State University’s College of Business. Then she saw something that changed the course of her life — researchers were replicating a famous doll study originally conducted in the ’40s by Kenneth and Mamie Clark.

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Beverly Stoehr Creates Babies, Toddlers in Many Mediums

In a career that’s already passed the half-century mark, artist Beverly Stoehr has designed dolls for porcelain, vinyl, resin, and more. “My first and greatest love is creating babies,” she said. “I’m looking now at a new sculpt I made to be cast in silicone. I’m looking at coming out with two different sizes: one would be a 22-inch older baby and the other an 18-inch newborn. I would love to see my new sculpted baby produced as a kit for reborners.”

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STEAM-Themed Clothing Brand Adds Matching Doll Line

Svaha (svahausa.com), an online seller of STEAM- (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) themed clothing for adults and children, is expanding its line even further to include designs for dolls. Svaha’s new doll dresses, sized to fit 18-inch dolls like American Girl, are available in several designs matching the fashions offered for kids, as well.

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Hermosa Arts & History Association Fundraising Auction Includes Dolls

The Hermosa Arts & History Association (HAHA) in Hermosa, South Dakota, is holding an online auction fundraiser through McPherson Auction March 19, 2022. McPherson is donating their services so that 100 percent of the money raised through the auction will go to support HAHA’s building renovations and programs. The lots up for sale include several dolls which may be of interest to collectors.

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Year in Review: So Good to See You in 2021

In looking back at the events of the last year, we wanted to provide as many different perspectives as possible. So we invited several artists, retailers, and doll manufacturers to share their memories from the past year, including both personal highlights and their thoughts about the doll world in general, and what they’re looking forward to in 2022.

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Pioneering artist Pat Moulton continues to expand her knowledge

Over her career of 40+ years, Pat Moulton has created award-winning baby dolls and BJDs; invented new tools and been at the forefront of innovations in the doll collecting field, and taught and mentored many other artists. Her many contributions to the doll-collecting hobby earned her DOLLS magazine’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2020. And still, she continues to expand her knowledge of dollmaking techniques rather than resting on her laurels.

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