Author: Joyce Greenholdt

Year in Review: So Good to See You in 2021

In looking back at the events of the last year, we wanted to provide as many different perspectives as possible. So we invited several artists, retailers, and doll manufacturers to share their memories from the past year, including both personal highlights and their thoughts about the doll world in general, and what they’re looking forward to in 2022.

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Pioneering artist Pat Moulton continues to expand her knowledge

Over her career of 40+ years, Pat Moulton has created award-winning baby dolls and BJDs; invented new tools and been at the forefront of innovations in the doll collecting field, and taught and mentored many other artists. Her many contributions to the doll-collecting hobby earned her DOLLS magazine’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2020. And still, she continues to expand her knowledge of dollmaking techniques rather than resting on her laurels.

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