Meadow Dolls Creates New BJD Exclusively for DOLLS

Ady is Meadow Dolls’ newest ball-jointed doll being offered exclusively through DOLLS magazine. She joins past DOLLS exclusives Makki, Fabbi, Aya, and Mae. Miroslava Brodlova, the award-winning Swed­ish dollmaker who brought these dolls to life, crafted Ady as part of the Moppet collection, which is made up of adorably chubby, medium-sized toddler dolls that stand 15 inches (38 cm) tall. Ady is cast in cream resin, and she has blond hair and strikingly blue eyes. Her youthful ap­pearance is enhanced by a factory face-up.

Limited edition of 30

15-inch (38 cm) BJD
Cream Resin
Factory Painted
Blond Wig
Blue Eyes
Outfifit by Lori Gould
Leather shoes by Marina Checherynda

A limited edition of 30, each Ady doll comes with a cheerful outfit designed and sewn by Lori Gould. Charlene Smith, who is a face-up artist and the U.S. representative for Meadow Dolls, said the “warm-weather sundress that ties at the shoulders” is made from quality cotton. It has a bow on the front, and the back of the dress opens just enough to reveal a pair of ruffled breeches and a big fabric bow. A matching hat is included, as are white socks with lace detailing. “Her shoes are made by Ma­rina Checherynda from light white leather with decorative ties with flower beads,” Smith said. Ady can share outfits with other Moppets and Disney Animators’ Collection dolls.

“Ady sports a fabulous smile showing her new teeth. She was perfect for this ‘fresh spring’ and how little girls celebrate their moms and grandmoms everywhere,” Smith said. “She is just perfect for this — bright-eyed, happy — and will be a joy to add to anyone’s collection.”

Meadow Dolls in 2024

Many events are in the works for Meadow Dolls this year, including some online special events. Meadow Dolls has already held preorders for multiple dolls in 2024, including Yuuna (BB doll) and Mittu (Chibbi) in fair or sun-kissed resin and An­gie (Twinkle) in tan or honey resin. As has become a tradition of sorts, Meadow Dolls will also debut a doll at this year’s Modern Doll Collectors Convention in New Orleans.

How To Order Ady

Due to the limited size of this edition, as well as to ensure the ordering process goes as smoothly as possible, Ady will be avail­able via a “right-to-buy” pre-order drawing process. Collec­tors can sign up for the drawing at no cost using DOLLS’ online form at from now until 10 a.m. CST on Wednesday, May 1, 2024.

At 11 a.m. CST on Wednesday, May 1, 30 winners will be randomly selected and announced live on the DOLLS Facebook page (­azine). All those selected will be notified through­out the day with a link to purchase the doll.

If you would like to register for the drawing but have limited or no internet access, please call 715-445- 5000 ext. 131 and provide your name, mailing address, phone number, and email address (if you have one).

The cost is $1,295 plus shipping and handling. Any dolls that have not been paid for by the end of the day will be offered to another randomly selected collector.

The dolls are expected to ship prior to May 6, 2024, or once payments have cleared the bank. If there is a delay in re­ceiving Ady that alters the shipping date, a new ship date will be established and buyers will be contacted.

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