Category: Paper Dolls

Curious Collector: 1951 Toni Doll Paper Doll

I collect everything concerning the Toni doll. At a large doll show I quite unexpectedly came across this paper doll of Toni, which I had no idea existed! It is complete with two large dolls front and back and two small dolls front and back, along with fantastic fashions to cut out!

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Famous Queens and Martha Washington Paper Dolls

Let’s explore Famous Queens and Martha Washington, a complete boxed set of early portrait paper dolls created by Canadian artist Elizabeth S. Tucker with soft-toned watercolors. In 1895, Frederick A. Stokes and Company in New York used the chromolithography process to print them. Seven women comprise the set: Queen Marie Antoinette from France, Queen Isabella I from Spain, Queen Elizabeth I of England, Queen Louise from Prussia, Queen Victoria from England, Queen Margherita from Italy, and Martha Washington.

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