Category: Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD)

Island Dreams: Alena Amicus Settles Into New Life in Britain

Fashion and fantasy BJD artist Alena Amicus (Elena Kochurova’s professional name) won an Industry’s Choice award in the Teen/Adult Doll category in last year’s Dolls Awards of Excellence. Late last year, the Russian artist and her husband were able to move to Great Britain. Alena is continuing her dollmaking and working on new designs as they both settle into their new home.

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Shows of Note: Resin Rose BJD Expo Preview

Resin Rose BJD Expo is the Pacific Northwest’s largest BJD show, held at the Monarch Hotel and Convention Center in Clackamas, Oregon. Resin Rose is a nonprofit organization run by a team of volunteers. Their love of BJDs brought them together to start Resin Rose in 2015. We are now on our seventh show, which will include over 50 vendors, including invited BJD artists.

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Kidding Around: Judy Porter’s BJDs Celebrate Children

Being able to see the world in a quirky and comical way is a blessing. That was particularly true during these past few years when a global pandemic and its attendant fear circulated across countries and communities. During these isolating and unusual days, doll artist Judy D. Porter looked around, took stock of the situation, and knew that a special brand of protective dolls was called for. Enter her enchanting line of Little Guardians.

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