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Star Light Express: Star Ace turns Harry Potter and friends into Christmas Santa dolls

Christmas plays a central role in the Harry Potter series. Since Harry spends his pre-adolescent and teen years at Hogwarts Academy, his days follow the school calendar. And make no mistake about it: Christmastime is a lavish affair at the educational institution. Now, collectors can re-enact the Christmas pageantry with a series of dolls from Star Ace.

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Fashion First: Sinéad Burke doll will make a big difference for little people

As society becomes more inclusive, it is not surprising that the toy box has become more open and welcoming, too. For many years, a certain notion of beauty and aspirational play reigned supreme. Children were encouraged to act out their fantasies with golden-tressed dolls that boasted impossibly curvaceous silhouettes. Indeed, if Barbie actually existed in our world, she would most likely suffer from extreme backaches and balance issues. Still, because she did fit into the Hugh Hefner playbook of cheerleader good looks, Barbie became the standard of attractiveness.

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