By A. Glenn Mandeville

Q: I just love the sets made for Barbie’s tiny little sister, Tutti. I thought I had them all, but my husband surprised me with this set. I thought all the sets were from 1966. What can you tell me about this set?

 ­A: Tutti and her brother Todd were popular in 1966. Several sets were available, including a set featuring both dolls. Naturally dealers were eager to continue these successful sets, so in 1967, two new sets were on the market. They were Cookin’ Goodies (#3559) with an adorable play oven, and your set, Swing a Ling (#3560), which included a real working metal swing.

In addition, many separate outfits were made for Tutti; these were also quite a hit. In 1967 Tutti also got a friend named Chris, released in both blonde and brunette versions. These sets all had a lid that lifted off, allowing the contents to be displayed.

Values are hard to determine, because these sets are not Barbie, and some collectors don’t collect them. A set like yours which was completely mint recently sold for $295. I have seen these sets for much lower and higher as well, so it is difficult to put an exact price on these pieces of Barbie’s world. By the way, your husband did great! This set is considered the hardest to find by many collectors.

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