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Madame Alexander Doll Co.

"Dolls are made to be played with and loved" – Madame Alexander.

Our dolls are made to last, with quality and attention to detail, drawing upon the decades of doll-making heritage and expertise the Madame Alexander Doll Company possesses. They are made to inspire imagination, creativity and love. They are for doll lovers of all ages, from birth to adulthood. After nearly 100 years in business, the Madame Alexander Doll Company is devoted to carrying on Madame's mission of creating beautiful, quality dolls that deliver invaluable play experiences for children and inspire passion in collectors.

Website Address:
Street Address:600 Third Avenue, 2nd Floor
City: New York,
State / Province: NY
Postal Code: 10016
Phone Number: 1-833-MADAMEA (833-623-2632)

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Cissette: The Rise & Fall of a Fashion Icon

Once upon a time — in 1955, to be exact — Madame Alexander issued a 21-inch debutante doll with a full figure, arched high-heel feet, and a wardrobe the likes of which had never been seen before. Her name was Cissy, and she would forever change the way children and the doll industry looked at dolls. Previously most dolls were made in the likeness of a child, such as Betsy McCall, Ginny, and many others.

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Madame Alexander announces partial new lineup for 2021

Since Madame Beatrice Alexander founded the Alexander Doll Company in 1923, the Madame Alexander name has been a force to be reckoned with in the world of dolls for children and collectors alike. Today, the company continues to follow in Madame Alexander’s footsteps in creating quality dolls, and makes that dedication clear in their 2021 catalogue:

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