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How Not to Negotiate Your Doll Budget

Here are some tips on how not to negotiate your doll budget with your significant other. Weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth have their place when it comes to relationships, but not in your doll budget.


If you’re single, money may not be an issue for you. But I’m not only married, I share a house with four children. Additionally, I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for the past ten years.  Unfortunately, our society doesn’t see fit to provide us with much compensation or recognition, except for “Mother’s Day,” which primarily involves lukewarm coffee and toast crumbs in your bed. So instead, I'm left to negotiate my doll budget with my spouse directly.

First, crying isn’t effective. I’ve tried. And while it’s useful in averting a severe crisis now and then, it’s postponing the inevitable blow-up. Better to get the blow-up over as soon as possible.

Second, an “allowance” doesn’t seem to work. Allowances are for children. Plus, what happens when your grail goes on sale? Or when it rains, for that matter? (See my previous post, Top Ten Reasons to Buy a Doll.)

Third, having someone else limit you doesn’t work. The key is limiting yourself, rather than having someone else nag you all the time. It’s just not manly to nag -- it’s annoying:

"Why yes, I do know how much I spent on dolls last month. Don’t make me start hiding it the grocery bills."


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"Start" hiding it in the grocery bills? That's been my secret for years! lol
Lori , August 05, 2009
That is good...Budget wise! Thats the key!
Michelle Krappe' , August 04, 2009

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