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I design BJDs, babies and toddlers, and young children under 10 years old. I have designed for all of the major doll companies along with being Marie Osmond’s mentor for over six years. Over the years I won over 80 awards for work and designs. Feel free to contact me at any time to inquire about my designs.

Over the years I have taught and mentored many of the outstanding artists you know today. Marie Osmond, Sherri Rawn, Ping Lua in the doll world and Joy Clahoon and Linda Rick Guidinge in her baby line.


9 Springbook Shores
Elma, NY 14059
Phone: (716) 687 1009


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Mastering New Mediums: Beverly Stoehr Unveils New Silicone Baby Dolls

Beverly Stoehr has enjoyed a long and storied career as a doll artist because each of her creations springs from her heart. Stoehr’s lifelong affection for baby dolls goes back to her childhood, and the artist has never seen that appreciation wane. Dolls have always been a part of her life — as playthings in her youth, collectibles in her adulthood, and symbols of her devotion to making art and making dreams come true.

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Beverly Stoehr Creates Babies, Toddlers in Many Mediums

In a career that’s already passed the half-century mark, artist Beverly Stoehr has designed dolls for porcelain, vinyl, resin, and more. “My first and greatest love is creating babies,” she said. “I’m looking now at a new sculpt I made to be cast in silicone. I’m looking at coming out with two different sizes: one would be a 22-inch older baby and the other an 18-inch newborn. I would love to see my new sculpted baby produced as a kit for reborners.”

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