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I have been a caricature artist working events, commissions, for almost 30 years.  When I started sculpting seven years ago it was my desire to create caricature dolls for different events and venues.  My sister, a very talented artist, reborn artist, encouraged me to try sculpting dolls so I enlisted the help of several talented doll sculptors but was blessed to have found award winning doll artist Pat Moulton.  She has been a true mentor in this journey.


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Kidding Around: Judy Porter’s BJDs Celebrate Children

Being able to see the world in a quirky and comical way is a blessing. That was particularly true during these past few years when a global pandemic and its attendant fear circulated across countries and communities. During these isolating and unusual days, doll artist Judy D. Porter looked around, took stock of the situation, and knew that a special brand of protective dolls was called for. Enter her enchanting line of Little Guardians.

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Meet Brielle: Judy Porter Exclusive Limited to 20 Pieces, Available Now

My inspiration for sculpting Brielle was to continue my series of little toddlers with this new African-American friend. Brielle is a 12-inch little resin kid who can share clothes with her BFFs Addy Joy, Maisie, and Maudie. Each can also wear clothes made for American Girl’s Wellie Wishers and Dianna Effner’s Little Darlings.

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