Happy 40th, Corolle! Bebe Calin Madeleine enjoys her birthday treat.

The 4th of July is either America’s birthday or its anniversary. It all depends upon how you view it. The notion of an independent nation was birthed on July 4, 1776. So, the birthday idea makes a whole lot of sense. However, it hasn’t been smooth sailing. There has been plenty of turmoil — the Civil War ring a bell — so an anniversary, implying achievement, is sensible, too. Birthdays? Anniversaries? The language is up to you. As the U.S. blows out the candles and sets off fireworks, French doll company Corolle is celebrating, too. Corolle is turning 40 years old, and their baby dolls don’t look one day over 18 months old. That’s a magnificent achievement! Call it a birthday or an anniversary, Corolle is looking good after 40 years.

Corolle Sweet Heart Tropicorolle is a delightful new arrival.

The United States is turning 243 years old this July. Its oldest ally, France, continues to be part of the unfurling American story. U.S. citizens still dream of jetting to Paris or the sun-drenched wine country. France is still synonymous with “sophistication,” “elegance,” and “quality” to the American mind-set. That is one of the reasons that Corolle has flourished stateside. Americans love buying baby dolls that represent a touch of class and offer a touch that is gentle and soft. Most definitely, Corolle symbolizes that!

There’s much to celebrate after 40 years of making memories between children and their baby dolls.

Headquartered in Langeais, France, which is in the Loire Valley, Corolle team members select soft fabrics and choose patterns and prints. The five-person unit toils seriously to make playtime seem effortless and easy. They work with an eye toward style and fashion. At day’s end, they aspire to create a doll that will remain a classic.

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They’ve been doing this since 1979. Yes, the Corolle fashion designers and baby doll experts have been unleashing magic for 40 years. Now, in 2019, Corolle has acknowledged its longevity and modernity with a hashtag. In the United States, collectors are encouraged to text #40yearsCorolle. (If you prefer the original French, it’s #40ansCorolle.)

What defines Corolle? It’s that lovely, lifelike bond between make-believe mom and her precious Corolle tot!

The Corolle dolls are worth tweeting about because they embody their company’s pledge to make dolls that are endearing and enduring. Muriel Joron, the marketing manager of Corolle SAS, takes much pride in her job and its impact on the customers. “We are very excited to celebrate our 40th anniversary this year. We are happy to bring today’s children updated versions of dolls and accessories that generations before them have loved for 40 years,” she said.

Hands-on playtime is the heart and soul of Corolle for 40 years.

Joron is aware that the Corolle customer base is twofold: children and their parents. She acknowledges how purchasing a Corolle doll is a family affair. “Parents can trust that they are getting the very best for their babies. For the 40th anniversary, our collection is truly enchanting,” Joron said. “We have introduced anniversary dolls and we have updated fashions, accessories, and more. These collections inspire a child’s lifelong adoration and companionship of Corolle.”

Babipouce Cotton Flower from Corolle

Corolle has become a go-to gift for parents and grandparents who want to introduce their little ones to the value of hands-on play. Like the United States’ Madame Alexander, the Corolle designers are committed to imagination trumping electronic, video playthings. Corolle dolls are fueled by children’s love, affection, sense of wonder, and desire to nurture something smaller than they are.

Corolle marks their 40th-year milestone in 2019!

“The past 40 years have been incredible,” Joron said. “Corolle brands continue to be loved around the world. Our brand has withstood the test of time.”

This little fellow is pure delight with his Mon Premier Corolle doll and small stroller.

In honor of Corolle’s 40th anniversary, or its 40th birthday bash — it’s your call — take a moment to tweet out your affection for their achievements. Back when America was a germ of an idea, 13 colonies struggling for freedom, the French were there. General Lafayette forged the French-American friendship. Over the next nearly 250 years, the connection has continued. Corolle dolls are unabashedly French, and unapologetically universal. A little girl or boy in Paris, France, or Paris, Texas, will respond to their magic. #40yearsCorolle is a fabulous accomplishment.

Here’s to another 40 years of Corolle happiness!

Bravo, Corolle! Happy 40th! And here’s hoping for 40 more.