Watch a video above or sift through a slideshow below to learn about the Dolls Awards of Excellence 2019 Industry’s Choice Winners. The complete list is at the bottom of this article.

Winners Now Become Your Public’s Choice Nominees

The 2019 Dolls Awards of Excellence (DAEs, also known as the Diamond Awards) Industry’s Choice winners were announced June 21 at the International Doll & Teddy Show in Orlando, Florida. The Industry’s Choice winners will now go on to become the nominees for this year’s Public’s Choice Awards, and the winners will be chosen by you, the readers of DOLLS magazine! The Public’s Choice winners will be announced in the January/February 2020 issue of DOLLS magazine.

Photos of the nominees and a paper ballot will be published in the August/September 2019 issue of DOLLS magazine, along with our Reader Survey.

Dolls Awards of Excellence 2019 Industry’s Choice Winners

Standard Categories

Collectible Baby Doll

Berenguer Classics 1001, JC Toys

Leilani, Lauren Faith Jaimes

Mae, Miroslava Brodlova

Silver and Gold Twins, Ashton Drake


Collectible Child Doll

Addy Joy, Judy Porter

Imani, Kaye Wiggs

Little Ruth Monroe, Connie Lowe

Pumpkin, Liz Frost

Sleeping Beauty, Hildegard Günzel


Collectible Teen/Adult Doll

Adrya in Wonderland, Tatiana Tofaneto

Lia, Cherry Blossoms Fairy, RubyRedGalleria

Princess Meghan Markle, Ashton Drake

Quitara, Kim Arnold

The Snow Queen, Hildegard Günzel


Custom Baby Doll

Bailey, Maria Grover

Fynlee, Lorna Miller Sands

Joel Awake, Laura Tuzio-Ross

Madeline, Christina Whiting

Zaylea, Michelle Fagan


Custom Child Doll

Barbette, Beverly Stoehr

Guusje & Jordan, Zofia & Henry Zawieruszynski

Ruth, Connie Lowe

Sylvia-Scarlet, Miroslava Brodlova


Custom Teen/Adult Doll

Brigitte, Linda Macario

Dorotha, Annemarie Kwikkel

JoEllen, Anna Maryina


Custom Fantasy Doll

Kyrra, Miroslava Brodlova

Tess, Pat Moulton

Yuka Artic Fox Princess, Crystal Bernard


One-of-a-Kind Baby Doll

Bad Hair Day, Mayra Garza

Eva, Elsie Rodriguez

“NO NO!”, Lauren Faith Jaimes

Rose, Sherri Williams

Winnie, Shawna Clymer


One-of-a-Kind Child Doll

Genevive, Hajnalka Mayor

Marietta, Zofia & Henry Zawieruszynski

Mary the Doll Maker, Linda Ehrenfried

Milena & Her Dolly, Molly Mouse, Yulia Shaver


One-of-a-Kind Teen/Adult Doll

Best Friends, Esther Manso

Camille, Joy Calhoon

Chocolate Woman, Gulnara Kharazova

Holy Skeleton: Sparrow, Zulu Lo

Venus, Stella Tu


One-of-a-Kind Fantasy Doll

Asian Fawn, Adele Sciortino

Candy, Konstantina Morou

Captain Duke Woodes Rogers, Kassity Allison

Evalena, Collette Hatch

Sight, Barbara Kee


Special Categories

Doll Fashion

Chrysalis, Brenda Mize

Sun Rise, Joe Kowalski

Triple Crown Winner, dal Rosario-Lowenbein

Vannora (1880s Gown), Kathleen Hill


Doll Repaint/Face-Up

Cherie Blossom, Emily Goldman

Freckle Face, Ellie Doster

Hope, Charlene Smith

Little Lou, April Norton

Saffi, Alena Gendala


Reborn Doll

Agata, Ruth Aguilar

Azalea, Stacey Haskins

Emerson, Susan Gibbs

Miracle, Dina Meneses Enes

Noah, Sharron Hoffmann