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Lenny Elf, 17 inches, is a limited-edition resin BJD.
Human Thistle is a 22-inch resin BJD. “I have not decided on edition size yet; she will be coming later this year,” Wiggs said.
Wiggs’ Mini Gracie will be available in both human and elf form. The 14-inch resin BJDs will be limited to the number sold during a one-month preorder. The artist said she might do a later edition in a different resin color.
Lucy Lu, 17 inches, is a limited edition of 30 resin BJDs hand-painted by Wiggs.
Kaye Wiggs Doll Artist
Collectible Child Doll: Imani, Kaye Wiggs
Mandy by Kaye Wiggs in Edith Schmidt
Kaye Wiggs doll Abby wearing Edith Schmidt
Talyssa dressed by Edith Schmidt
Kaye Wiggs dolls
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Limited edition resin Ball jointed dolls.

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