By Judy Porter

My inspiration for sculpting Brielle was to continue my series of little toddlers with this new African-American friend. Brielle is a 12-inch little resin kid who can share clothes with her BFFs Addy Joy, Maisie, and Maudie. Each can also wear clothes made for American Girl’s Wellie Wishers and Dianna Effner’s Little Darlings.

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Brielle is wearing a fun little outfit designed by me but created by master seamstress Bonnie Larson of Wee Designs. The contrast of denim vests or jackets along with a tutu is a look I see on lots of little girls. It just seemed too perfect for Brielle. Adding her custom boots by JP Dolls, along with little red hearts in her braids, makes her the hit of the sandbox crowd.

As you can see, she comes with a darling little cloth doll created by Homespun From the Heart Handmade Dolls artist Cindy Markovcy. None of my little resin kids ever travel without their favorite toy! Also included is her special storage/travel wrap, because a girl needs her blankie for trips. Of course, in the pocket of her blankie is a certificate of authenticity.

Brielle, a 12-inch resin BJD by Judy Porter

More to Come

Already there’s a new friend on my sculpting table. Her name is Asia, and she’ll be available in 2022. We keep rounding out the worldwide friendship, because we can all play in the sandbox together.

Need more surprises for the coming year? How about a series of 6-inch little pudgy babies who watch over the things close to our hearts? They’re small enough to be with you at all times, which is great because we all need what these special little babies have to offer us. Sorry — it’s a surprise, so I can’t share more than that now, but keep an eye out for the first in the series before the holidays.

Brielle, a 12-inch resin BJD by Judy Porter

Looking Back

So here I am, many years later from the time I first picked up a crayon to do my first drawing. Or make my first paper dolls. I was always trying to create dolls from found objects. In a way, I still do with my art dolls.

In elementary school we were allowed to sculpt. Most kids made lumpy bowls for their mom. I made a little black puppy. Overachiever, my art teacher thought, but just to even the score, I was the last one picked in gym class. Yep — no big athletic skills.

Remember Home Ec? I made all my own clothes, but always had to change up the pattern. Yes, I was that kid. Worse yet, I did caricatures of my teachers. Made me so popular in study hall that the principal decided to chat with me about it. Truthfully, I could tell he was trying not to laugh. Still, he suggested I study in study hall.

Since I was never destined to be a Rhodes Scholar, art has, and continues to be, my sanity. It’s helped me through a childhood of illness, hard times, and happy times. My greatest joy is when a collector comes to me and says “I just love your dolls.”

Many thanks to all of you who have supported my doll sculpting efforts since my first BJD in 2012. You, the collectors, lovers of a variety of dolls, bring the real joy to all of us who love to create our little kids doing what little kids do best, believing that anything is possible.

Brielle, a 12-inch resin BJD by Judy Porter

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