Having faced personal financial recessions, the current global financial recession reminds me to be grateful for what I learned along the way.

As a collector, it was a challenge to shift my mindset from focusing on the fear of what I might lack to embracing the abundance around me. Over time I stopped obsessing over what I wished to buy and began to truly enjoy what I owned. Then the money which had been spent to satisfy my wants was redeemed by the time spent using what I had.

Now when I see a doll I like, I visualize her among my collection and I know if I should let her go. Otherwise, I wait for a reasonable price and then determine if she still has a hold on me. Whenever I’m uncertain, I compare one doll to another as if they were my only options and then I know who would make the cut.

My collection reflects my tastes and its contents dictate that a new member must hold her own among her peers.

I admit that I over think in general but, especially on a budget, doll collecting is a very serious matter!