The ultimate doll, Barbie has always been about connecting to the world around her and staying true to herself. Whether she was a fashion model, astronaut or teacher, she was Barbie. In play she might have another name, but she was the embodiment of Barbie. Through her girls have been shown that they could be anything they wanted to be. Barbie may have changed her make-up, hair and facial features, but she was still simply Barbie.

The uninitiated may believe she is a faulty role model, but she remains true to herself in that quiet knowing way that she has. She offers herself as a mirror. She lights up a room, but doesn’t say too much. She instructs by example. She is the doll that we hold like our own personal Oscar. She is our golden idol that teaches us to enjoy the journey, accept the rewards and reach for more.

Perhaps that is why the women that surgically transform themselves into a human Barbie remain plastic. To be real we must accept ourselves, our abilities and our gifts as unique individuals. Barbie is confident, fearless, hopeful and true.

Barbie may be viewed as an empty plastic vessel; everything about her may seem disproportionately large or small. Barbie may be given our labels: bad hair days, behind in every style race and spread too thin by trying to be everything to everyone. But for those of us who know her and love her, she is unique to each of us. We may share her with the world, but she will always be our very own. And we are hers.