Just as the familiar scent of autumn arrived in the evening air and sidewalks became alive with the crunch of fallen leaves, my interest in dolls shifted from warm to cool. While in childlike anticipation of the Fall/Holiday season, I became disinterested in my collection.

Perhaps I tried too hard to avoid coming under the spell of the new doll releases. Already, one doll has a hold on me and she’s not a photograph of the prototype anymore. She’s the real thing, even better than expected, and I have been admiring her online a bit too much. My Holy Grail 2010 has been established.

Like seasons, moods change and attention shifts. After a month of obsessively changing my doll displays, I was bound to get tired of it. Without realizing it, boredom turned into disillusionment.

The next step was to buy a cool, new play line doll. After weighing the pros & cons of the doll, I was confident in my choice until she was deboxed. There is always a let down at this stage. Once a doll is released from her prison of packaging, it’s hard to adjust to life on the outside. Once we spent some time together, I knew the right choice had been made and like the season, my mood changed and my attention shifted and all is right with the doll world.