There are not many shops that carry collectible dolls in my state and it’s a lengthy trip to get to one. Due to time and budget constraints, the majority of my research and shopping is done online. But recently I traveled to a town, generally known for it’s heritage and tourism, as it had a shop which provided a chance to see collectible dolls in person. I had no idea that I would be entering a wonderland filled with amazing sites and friendly characters

In the past I had difficulty connecting to the shop online, but recent research confirmed that the shop still existed and indicated that the town had a few historic buildings. Although I have a passion for photographing architecture, I never hoped to find such an abundance of amazing structures spanning much of the town‘s 155 year history. But, typically for me, before I could explore the town, I had to go shopping and the shop was yet another wonderland.

In a small town, main street shop environment, fashionable accessories selected on buying trips to New York were mixed with high end country/folk art collectibles. Not my style, but with a loft full of dolls from some of the best manufacturers in the world and a clearance section on the main floor, I didn’t want to leave.

A wonderland has to have it’s characters and they were unexpectedly delightful. Although I was unfamiliar and spent very little money, from start to finish the people minding the store were the absolute nicest, friendliest, politest, most relaxed and trusting shop people I have ever met. They were hosts genuinely pleased to welcome their guest. In another shop I may have overstayed my welcome, but here they showed patient hospitality the entire time.

As if to put this shopping experience into sharper focus, at the end of the day I began to recall a few unpleasant encounters in doll shopping. Next week I may comment on instances lacking in genuine customer service. For now I send my thanks and appreciation to the wonderful characters that I encountered last week.