While in my mid-twenties, I was astonished to learn that most people couldn’t deal with confrontation, let alone choose to instigate it. No matter my age or their level of authority, when I was convinced that I was right about something or certain that they were terribly mistaken, I would express and defend my opinion to the bitter end.

You may wonder what this has to do with dolls.

In the same way that a person may not “click” with another person, there are times when a doll that should be perfect for a collection doesn’t seem at home there. For me, resolving a conflict requires that I challenge my expectations. I may adapt or let go and move on. But there are times when a mutual understanding develops which leads to a strong bond.

Recently, conflict resolution became necessary in doll play. I was frustrated with the amount of time spent displaying a few dolls in order give them one more chance to make the chorus. With limited display space, the dolls that I adore were kept in their boxes while these beauties were continually auditioning. In the prototype photographs they seemed perfect for their roles, but in the doll flesh they never lived up to their promise and yet I couldn’t let them go.

Finally, my efforts were rewarded when I found the perfect outfits for the dolls. The beauty of each doll was enhanced by the right style in the right color and I had two “new” dressed dolls that could hold their own in my collection.

Now, after reasonable display time, they are resting comfortably in their boxes while others are given the chance to shine. And I’m satisfied as I found a way to make peace and be right at the same time.