Financially doll collecting can get you into a serious mess. But if you have an actual mess, you can use your doll investment to help you develop an organizational system flexible enough to be used for other household projects.

Even a person who feels capable of handling most anything can become overwhelmed by over-spending, over-accumulating, disorganization and the procrastination that may follow. At the worst, these may be symptoms of a serious disorder. Regardless, some people may seek help if they don’t have the confidence or time to deal with it on their own. While some find psychotherapy disagreeable, hiring a Life Coach has become as acceptable as hiring a Personal Trainer. Each professional helps their client set achievable goals to help them live more easily and simply. But I have discovered that dolls are a fun way to experiment with organization systems.

An anxious mind needs a formula to complete mundane tasks efficiently to increase quality time in other areas. Begin with a precise goal, a tentative plan and a positive approach. Baby steps help ease pressure and build the confidence needed to take command and make choices. To develop a plan for one project or when creating a flexible system to use over again, rules and regulations shouldn’t be enemies of freedom and creativity.

Next time, I will detail my organizational system. But I encourage you to be creative and start developing your own plan. I’m satisfied with my system when I’m comfortable handling the project and confident I can face similar tasks.

When I’m organized, the big bonus comes when play time is increased. I can find things quicker and clean up faster and while I’m working on other things, I can take a five minute break for doll play without guilt or building up another pile to clean up later.