Recently, I decided to read the Twilight series. Since that first chapter of the first book, there’s been no looking back. I’m hooked. I’m enamored. I’m hopelessly obsessed. As soon as I finish a book, I’m racing through the next, compelled to discover whatever will happen to Edward and Bella. Will she become a vampire to spend forever with her immortal lover? Or will she, in the end, decide humanity is too enticing and something she can’t forgo indefinitely at the tender age of 18?

Then, this weekend I rented the video, watching it twice in a row. Me, who never watches anything twice for fear of missing out on a first-time experience. Then, I promptly visited Youtube to view interviews with actors in the film.

And now the “Edward Cullen” and “Bella Swan” dolls by Tonner Doll Co. have taken on a whole new meaning to me. Although when I first saw them, I thought they were well-done in typical Tonner style, they didn’t grab me like they capture true Twilight fans. Having gone through the transformation from casual observer to die-hard fan, I understand the difference now. Occasionally, I flip to the page in the May issue of DOLLS, which pictures the duo. Will I get them? Not sure … still deciding. And I intend to peruse that image many times before I do!