There’s been much talk recently of global responsibility and citizenship. The popular mantra, “think globally, act locally,” has permeated political, environmental and artistic movements from all corners of the world. Talented men and women in the doll art movement dig deeply into themselves and unleash works of staggering beauty and brilliant imagination. Whether the artist resides in the steamy environs of Brazil or the cold clime of New Hampshire, they share the common bond of fantasizing and making their dreams come true.

From “Walter Mitty” to “Sleeping Beauty,” the allure of dreams is powerful and potent. The following international artists have the ability to dream with their eyes and hearts wide open. They are in tune with their inner voices, and have birthed original sculptures that are otherworldly and wondrous. Here is a convergence of different countries and cultures, but one constant emerges: When an artist’s mind is free to roam and to explore, the results are fantastic.

Virginie Ropars (French-born, Brittany resident)
The 32-year-old artist resides in the center of Brittany. “It is northwest of France, not far from the sea. I currently live in the forest area of the region.” Dwelling in an environment that is known for being wooded is ideal for this fantasy fanatic. She has always had a soft spot for the incredible and the unattainable. If a character can only be found in a video game or in the pages of a novella, she is there to meet it and to greet it.

“In fantastic art, everything is possible. You mix all the influences of things you like into one thing. The more you improve technically, the more complicated things you can make. That is particularly motivating,” Ropars reveals.

A former computer artist, who excelled at making TV cartoons in 3-D, Ropars is adept at making the impossible spring to life in startling, vivid forms. “Fantasy art is like imagination. It is the closest thing we have to childhood dreams or to daydreaming,” she shares.

Fashioning queens, dark angels, fairies and mortals that straddle the chasm between human and insect, Ropars’ musing is magical and mystifying. From where does she round up these breathtaking beings?

“I don’t work under a particular influence. I don’t rely on photographs or other artworks. I just call to all the things I love and have loved. All of these characters are already in me. I let my brain build the images that are associated with my concepts and my inner dreams. It’s like a movie in my head, which I get to direct. My only question is: Do I consider my options beautiful or not?”

Collectors the world over agree Ropars’ offerings are beautiful and powerful. They are a passport to wonder.

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