June 20-22, 2024, Georgetown, Texas

By Deborah Hood, PhD

BJDC (Ball-Jointed Doll Convention) is the largest BJD-focused event in North America for the ever-growing com­munity of BJD artists, vendors, and collectors around the world. This year, BJDC celebrates its 20th anniversary! Starting out originally as a Volks Super Dollfie convention, BJDC has grown and evolved over the years. The theme changes for each event, but a shared passion for BJDs continues to bring the community togeth­er. This year’s convention will be held from June 20-22 in George­town, Texas, with the theme From Here to There to Everywhere: An International Affair. The venue for the convention is the Shera­ton Austin Georgetown Hotel and Conference Center, an exciting new location in a quaint town just up the highway from Austin. BJDC started out in Round Rock, so we really are going “from here to there” with the new location. It will be a wonderful gathering of BJDs and the BJD community, and our international theme will make our anniversary convention even more special.

These are the BJDC 2024 convention dolls (from left): Maria by Linda Macario, Meili from China by Connie Lowe of Marbled Halls, and Sydney by Sarah Seiter McCausland of The Mushroom Peddler.

Of course, what could be considered the best part of BJDC is the salesroom. Featuring best-in-class shopping, any and all things BJD can be found, from the latest sculpts to those that are harder to find, along with everything necessary to customize dolls from head to toe! Attendees might walk out with a new doll (or dolls!) or that perfect outfit, wig, or accessory they have been looking for. BJDC also provides collectors an opportunity to meet world-renowned artists in person. Although attending the whole convention is the best way to expe­rience BJDC because you can attend all the events, have access to the workshops, and get early access to the salesroom, it has long been the tradition to open up the salesroom to the general public on Satur­day. For folks who can’t make the whole convention but can come in on Saturday, it’s a BJD shopper’s paradise!

The convention has three beautiful convention dolls this year. First, Linda Macario of Linda Macario Dolls has created a brand-new sculpt named Maria, who represents a 10-year-old girl from central Italy who is ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime as she immigrates to America in 1910. Sarah Seiter McCausland of The Mushroom Peddler has also created a brand-new sculpt — an adorable koala from Australia named Syd­ney. Lastly, Connie Lowe of Marbled Halls is introducing a familiar and well-loved sculpt from the Stella family, Meili from China, in a never-before-seen size of 16 inches. All dolls are BJDC exclusives and come as complete full sets.

BJDC’s global theme will give this summer’s attendees a chance to have fun exploring the cultures of the world as well as the diversity of the BJD hobby. Our 20th anniversary event will definitely bring out the “world traveler” in you! Great plans are in place for this year’s event, and we hope you can celebrate our 20th with us!

BJDC Texas

This doll is by Val Zeitler, who will be returning for BJDC 2024. Photo by Deborah Hood
Dolls by Connie Lowe were available at BJDC 2023. The display fit the event’s theme: Come Sail Away. Photo by Deborah Hood