Artist Beverly Stoehr continues to favor toddler doll designs this year, starting with Diana, the second in her series of resin BJDs using a chunky toddler body she sculpted for last year’s Barbette. The 12-inch doll will be released in a small limited edition.

“My designs are very limited, and many are dressed as one-of-a-kinds (OOAKs),” the artist said. “All their clothing is hand-made by wonderful designers in the U.S. using the best of fabrics. The face-ups and painting is all hand-painted by me — it is very important to me that I have that control on my designs going to new homes.

“As you look over my designs from past years, you can see how I am drawn to toddlers and babies in my work. In the coming year, I am bringing out a new 8-inch resin toddler BJD, a little girl to be released at the United Federation of Doll Clubs (UFDC) national convention in Dallas.”

Stoehr adding that she also plans to release OOAK polymer-clay babies in varying sizes this year. She also said she hopes to produce a silicone doll later in the year.

She plans to attend both a regional UFDC event in Vermont in June as well as the national UFDC convention in July, where she will be hosting an event. She’ll also be at the Ohio Doll Show in the fall. Another priority for this year is expanding her website, she said. “I’m keeping in contact with my collectors more often this way. If there is not a show in my area or theirs, they can still view and order new dolls and designs.

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