By A. Glenn Mandeville

Topsy Turvy Doll

Topsy Turvy doll.

Topsy Turvy doll

Q: In cleaning, I found this doll in a box of dolls that needed decisions. Imagine my surprise, when I went to turn the Dutch doll over to see her “unders,” to find a sleeping baby and realize that the doll was a topsy-turvy doll. I think I must have bought the doll without looking under her dress. Now she needs (they both need) a little TLC. I took a quick peek on the internet and could find nothing like this doll. I would love a little information as to where she came from, her age, and value if she has any.

A: I love this doll! These dolls have been made for well over 100 years. The closest I could find was a similar doll in the 1907 Sears catalog. I don’t know exactly who manufactured this doll, but it looks like it was a commercial product and not homemade. The most famous of these dolls is the one made by Effanbee Doll Company in the 1920s, that featured one side as the Big Bad Wolf and the other side as Little Red Riding Hood. I would not attempt any restoration on this doll because of the age of the materials. I would say that a value could be around $95 and up to the right collector of this era of doll. She is great, and thank you for sharing!

Dionne Quint Handkerchiefs

Dionne quintuplet handkerchiefs

Dionne quintuplet handkerchiefs

Q: I collect Dionne quint dolls and associated items. I know in the past you have featured Dionne dolls and paper-doll sets, but this item I recently found I had never seen before. Hope you can help with this, as I think this is a real treasure and a tie-in to the dolls.

A: This set of handkerchiefs is absolutely incredible. As you know, the Dionne quintuplets were born in 1934 in Canada and became an incredible source of popular interest which, frankly, continues today. I had to ask other Dionne collectors if they had ever seen this set and no one had! All were very interested in this item and quoted a value of $95 and up. It is hard to place a value on this, but I feel that all of what we call “associated items” with the Dionnes have maintained their value for decades. Thank you for sharing this exciting find!