Having achieved her dream of joining Dianna Effner’s Doll Dreamers Guild late last year, Norton
will be presenting several Dianna Effner Studio Little Darling dolls this year, among other projects.

By April Norton

For many years I have been exclusively making Dianna Effner porcelain dolls, particularly the Little Darlings and dolls of similar size, eventually branching into Effner’s beautiful vinyl LDs by repainting factory painted convention dolls, Bonekas, and Ashton-Drakes. I was always hoping to emulate the masters (Dianna and her Doll Dreamers Guild, whose artist stylings were so incredible). I wanted to be one of them ever since I knew there was such a thing! In 2017 or 2018, I asked Dianna if I could join her guild. Her answer was that she was aware of my work and she thought, with training, it could someday be possible, but she wasn’t looking for another artist at the time.

Not to be discouraged, I continued to study the guild’s work and teach myself. So you can imagine my elation when I was invited by Dianna’s family to be tested to join and, as of early December 2022, I was officially made a member of Dianna Effner’s Doll Dreamers Guild! My grown-up lifelong dream! Moving forward this year, I will be presenting several Studio Little Darlings.

I will still continue to repaint Bonekas and a few other Effner dolls. Still loving the art of porcelain dollmaking, I have some great ideas to encourage the porcelain dollmaking industry with at least one white porcelain set. I am also continuing to do commissions in porcelain and in vinyl.

April Norton
Aprilart Dolls