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The April 2023 issue of DOLLS is 48 full-color pages and features a look at new doll designs premiering this year, including a feature on multi-award-winning artist Hildegard Günzel, as well as an article on Cosmopolitan’s 1950s Ginger, “The Darling of the Doll World,” and more!


8 What’s New in 2023
Dollmakers Reveal New Designs for a New Year

22 Making a Magic World
Hildegard Günzel Celebrates 50 Years of Doll Designs
By Karin Schrey

28 1950s Ginger
The Darling of the Doll World
By Karen B. Kurtz
Photos by Mark A. Kurtz

42 Thumbelina
This Vintage Doll’s Popularity Keeps Growing
By Janice Elizabeth Berte

6 Editor’s Notebook
37 Doll Scene
40 Curious Collector
41 Portraits
43 Event Calendar
43 Classifieds
43 Advertiser Index
44 Paper Doll