Lately I am having such confusing days. Always feeling like I am not quite finishing everything I need to get done. Realizing for the first time, I think there really are not enough hours in a day. Then I start to wonder when did we get this big? And is this what I really wanted???

Of course it is I just never thought about the constant adjustment that when I am so busy, that adding one thing in my life takes the place of another. Thus we get to the doll part…a very wise man, Robert Tonner said to me as he explained his beautiful new doll Antionette. That when making a jointed doll, everything you add takes something away. So sometimes the most poseable dolls are not always the most aestetically pleasing dolls. I wonder now if adding more jointing, is a good thing or is there a point when there is enough. And is resin and vinyl really the only mediums I need to work in, because lately I am enjoying paperclay, and porcelain.

But I will end this blog with a little tid bit into Annette my sister and I’s real life. Today Annette who is the senior VP of a company, and also Cheif Actuary, plumbed our Well for our home. It involved, digging, water, mud splatters, two part glue, and alot of PVC. I helped on and off, but with 8 new sculpts in the works..I had to run back and forth. So for those who think the doll business is all glamour, I will refer to the fact we do our own plumbing!

Now parting words, be kind people are a little lost right now. And lets all try to bring our ailing Doll and Teddy Bear collecting worlds into a new heyday of fun and excitement. Paulette