I chose to preorder a doll in March for a few reasons:

  • Her multiple points of articulation, warm complexion, and overall appeal fascinated me.
  • The seller from whom I ordered offered a slightly reduced price and free shipping.
  • I wanted to avoid buyer’s regret in the event of a quick sellout before acquiring one.

Patience is a virtue, but when it comes to ordered or preordered dolls, I possess a minimal amount.  I knew that when the preorder was placed.  However, I had no idea I would have to wait longer than expected.  I still hear the “oohs and aahs” that reverberated from several collectors after the early July arrival of the doll they ordered during this year’s first quarter.  The echoed sounds of new-doll joy and viewing their live pictures, in the absence of my doll, caused a tremendous amount of “where is my doll?” anxiety.   Said anxiety prompted an email to the seller of my MIA doll.  I needed an answer to this very pressing question and an approximate shipping date.  Her four-word reply, “End of next week,” was somewhat comforting.

Tonner’s Antoinette Spice  did arrive as promised.  After exhaling, I immediately removed her from the box and performed a thorough head-to-toe examination.  Next, as new-doll rituals have it here, a multitude of photographs were taken before documenting her existence with a spreadsheet entry.

Her facial sculpt is stunning!  Her points of articulation with removable hands and forearms provide ease of dressing and the potential for multiple poses.  Her warm, spice-brown complexion, alluring hazel eyes, and reddish brown hair are perfect complements.

In less than 24 hours, Antoinette experienced two costuming sessions with photographs.  After each photograph, I repeated, “She is so beautiful!  She is so beautiful!”  Along with the clothing manufactured by Tonner Dolls, Antoinette can wear Somers and Field (S&F) costumes designed for Daisy and Willow.  She has a smaller bust size, but Basic Esme’s long sleeved, red sheath  fits Antoinette as do Esme’s shoes.

Although my desire to receive Antoinette Spicesooner was not possible, she was well worth the preorder and the wait.

View Antoinette’s full photo shoot:  “Here is My Doll”