Want to experience the sensation of adding a new doll to your collection without draining your budget?  Try redressing one of your dolls.  Yes, redressing will give you a quick, “I have a new doll” fix.  I frequently engage in this activity.

After a recent visit to my favorite local toy store… you know, the one with the reversed “R” in its name, I discovered outfits for one of my newest play-line dolls, BFC Ink Calista by MGA Entertainment.  The extra boxed outfits for these 9-1/2-inch dolls are adorable and economically priced, too.  The denim dress ensemble is adorable as are several others, which made it extremely difficult to choose just one.  But I managed.  The others might follow me home on a future toy store trip, all at once or perhaps a few at a time (based on availability and funds, of course).

After removing her original outfit, Calista was redressed in the “Soft ‘N’ Sweet Fashion.”  It includes a pink and white polka dot, baby doll-style top, pink thin-wale corduroy short-shorts, pink and white thigh-high leggings, and pink and white low-top “Chucks.” Calista decided to shed a measure of her geek chic style by wearing her black framed spectacles on her head for now.  She holds the pink, floral-print fabric backpack included with her new clothes.

Redressing Calista was fun.  It provided a sufficient amount of “new doll fix” to sustain me for a while.  I urge every collector to try it at least once.