“POUT,” the world premiere exhibition of high-end fashion dolls by Integrity Toys, will be on show at Chadstone – The Fashion Capital and Chatswood Chase Sydney in Sydney, Australia, from March 5 to April 1, 2012. This exhibit will feature a collection of approximately 70 of some of Integrity Toys’ favorite Fashion Royalty dolls, furniture, and accessories. The exhibit will be featured on a built-to-scale fashion stage designed with inspiration from the runways of Paris.

The collection will include dolls from when the line was originally created to the present day, including dolls from the Fashion Royalty, FR: Monogram, Nu.Face and FR2 collections. This exhibit of high end Fashion Royalty dolls will be available for viewing for the first time in this world exclusive event.

For further details about this exhibition, please check out the information on the Chadstone and Chatswood Chase Sydney websites.