Doll in front of Christmas tree
Photo by Oxana Lyashenko on Unsplash

We invited several doll-industry professionals to join us in sharing their memories of the past year and their thoughts about what the doll world can look forward to in 2022, including both personal highlights and general thoughts and observations. Last week’s post covered their look at the past year; now let’s see what they’re looking forward to in the new year:

April Norton, Aprilart Dolls: Thanks to vaccination passports in Canada, I am very excited about the return of doll shows in 2022. We haven’t had any since fall 2019. Even though it is a challenge for me to keep enough dolls in stock for a full table, I enjoy being out and recognized as an artist in my local doll-loving community.

As far as my work, I am already excited to be planning my annual special set of white porcelain dolls, as always using the Dianna Effner molds. The theme and colors have already been decided!

Edith Schmidt, Edith’s Editions: In 2022 I think we will continue to experience wonderful shows, with artists creating wonderful dolls for us to see and enjoy. We already have hints of what is coming, and it looks good. I am certainly looking forward to both Modern Doll Collectors Convention (MDCC) as well as Austin BJD Convention and know we will be having a wonderful time.

Julie Jurrjens, Madame Alexander Doll Company VP, Brand Development: Of course, we’re very excited about our 2022 dolls, which will be presented to our retailers in our new catalog in January. There are a variety of dolls, something for every doll lover, including many beautiful collectible dolls!

The Madame Alexander team is looking forward to putting the wheels in motion for our Centennial in 2023 — we are in the process of planning lots of excitement for this significant milestone in doll history!

Brenda Mize, Eyes of Texas Dolls: I look forward to expanding my Dianna Effner doll offerings by creating a variety of both sizes and face sculpts. The Dianna Effner private collection auction opened my eyes to so many different and adorable face sculpts that I was not previously aware of.

Doll collecting remains one of the largest hobby groups in the world, and I do not expect this to change in 2022. It has been said that the number of doll collectors (aka plangonologists) is waning, but I do not agree with this. Baby Boomer women make up 52 percent of the more than 70 million people of this generation. Granted they are not all doll collectors, but a good portion of them are. And this is only one generation represented. We can only hope that those from different generations will carry on the tradition of creating and collecting dolls. It is promising to see so many younger doll artists being introduced in DOLLS magazine.

Judy Johnson, Doll Peddlar: A trend we’ve noted in the past weeks and expect to continue in 2022 is reaching back and collecting dolls from the past. We’ve seen increasing demand for past Barbies, BJDs, fashions — we just sold an 1983 Effanbee Abraham Lincoln, and I see him on Amazon for $200! Beautiful, creative, and amazing dolls are being presented by artists — expect this to continue and blossom! It’s an exciting time in an always changing dolly world.

Whatever the new year holds for all of us, we at DOLLS hope that the coming year is full of good things for you, your friends, and your family!