So you’re getting ready to order your first BJD. What supplies will you need?

Doll accessories:

  • At least one wig. Measure your doll’s head circumference. If it’s 7.5”, your doll wears a size 7/8.
  • At least one pair of eyes. Your doll will probably come with “random” eyes, so it’s not a bad idea to a pair you like.
  • Shoes made for your doll’s feet. Each company is different, so check sizes carefully.
  • An outfit. You can sew it, if you like!

Maintenance supplies:

  • Magic Eraser. This is a must-have for cleaning stains off resin dolls. It can also remove your doll’s face-up and shouldn’t be used on dipped dolls, as it may remove color.
  • Strong glue. Just in case you drop the doll and a finger breaks, you’ll need glue for repairs.
  • Mack’s silicone ear plugs. These ear plugs are softer than putty and come out in one piece. They are perfect for holding the doll’s eyes in place.
  • Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin Plus. You’ll need this for making a wig cap. Cut several small strips, remove the adhesive backing, and place them horizontally across your doll’s head cap. This will keep your doll’s wig from slipping, and it won’t tear hair out of your wigs. Use it for sueding your doll, too. (I’ll cover this later.) You can also use a low-temperature hot glue gun.
  • Aileen’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue. Use this if your doll loses her eyelashes.
  • Toothpicks to apply Fast Grab.
  • Saran wrap. Wrap your doll’s fingers with saran if you have trouble fitting her hands through slender sleeves of clothing.
  • Pliers and hemostat. To remove your doll’s head (for the wire hook inside her head) and help in restringing.