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Little Ruth and Little Stella
Meili in ebony resin.
Meili debuted in her small 31 cm size at the 2019 Austin BJDC; she’s also available in 50 cm.
Stella 600x800
Ruth 600x800
Little Ruth Little Stella 600x800
Meili ebony resin 600x900
Meili 31cm Austin 2019 600x750
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Connie Lowe - Marbled Halls

Connie Lowe
PO Box 5206
Lancaster, PA 17606
Phone: 717-396-9879

Connie Lowe, aka Marbledhalls in the world of BJDs
Member of ZOZ and DOA
Also a member of NADDA and UFDC

As an antique doll costumer it was only natural for me to try and join the two loves once I discovered BJDS. My designs consist of antique doll clothing, antique and vintage fabrics trims and findings, as well as a touch of new. I put these all together to create what I call "blended fashions".

Website Articles

Connie Lowe’s BJDs Pay Tribute to Family Memories, History

Doll collecting is a very special hobby. It permits people to hold on to memories and to physically cradle their connections to childhood in their hands. Doll collecting and doll artistry are indeed powerful pastimes — and the term “past” and “times” are extremely relevant to Connie Lowe’s Marbled Halls 2022 lineup of dolls.

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Halls of Imagination: Connie Lowe Continues to Expand Her BJD World

In recent years, many of Connie Lowe’s new BJD designs have been inspired by photos of Depression-era children, giving her Stella character new friends to play with. This year, she’s continuing to work on a variety of new characters, even in the midst of a major upheaval in her personal life.

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