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Connie Lowe - Marbled Halls
Connie Lowe
PO Box 5206
Lancaster, PA 17606
Phone: 717-396-9879

Connie Lowe, aka Marbledhalls in the world of BJDs
Member of ZOZ and DOA
Also a member of NADDA and UFDC

As an antique doll costumer it was only natural for me to try and join the two loves once I discovered BJDS. My designs consist of antique doll clothing, antique and vintage fabrics trims and findings, as well as a touch of new. I put these all together to create what I call "blended fashions".

Website Articles

Halls of Imagination: Connie Lowe Continues to Expand Her BJD World

In recent years, many of Connie Lowe’s new BJD designs have been inspired by photos of Depression-era children, giving her Stella character new friends to play with. This year, she’s continuing to work on a variety of new characters, even in the midst of a major upheaval in her personal life.

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