The holidays are approaching. These tips will help you pass hints to loved ones that what you’d really like this year is to add to your doll collection!

Each year after Halloween, I like to start my holiday shopping. I love to shop for gifts: choosing individual presents for my loved ones brings me a lot of holiday cheer. But in the back of my mind–I hate to admit it–I have a sneaky little voice wondering how I can pass my wish list on to my loved ones, so I won’t get socks or towels this year. I’d rather build up my doll collection!

This post will give you tips for some things you can do to pass your wish list along.

  • Tell your spouse what you’d really like. Be direct, like this: “Honey, please tell your mother I really don’t want any crystal candle holders this year. I have a wish list at Amazon, and I’d love to have family members shop there.”
  • Have you seen dolls you’d like at Costco or Sam’s Club? Perhaps you can make not-so-subtle remarks at your next family dinner.
  • Ask your doll dealer if she offers a wish list. If she doesn’t, ask if she would be willing to email your family members with a copy of your must-have items. If you collect top-of-the-line dolls, a gift certificate might be a good alternative.
  • Give dolls as gifts. I collect sale dolls throughout the year for my nieces and daughters, and give them as gifts. It’s a great way to be known as the doll-giving aunt!