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The May/June 2020 issue of DOLLS features 48 four-color pages. This issue features the debut of a new Meadow Dolls BJD available exclusively through DOLLS, along with stories on fashion dolls, artist dolls by Collette Hatch and Denise Bledsoe, our annual spotlight on BJDs, and more!



8              Be Anything
                Mattel’s new designs for 2020 live up to Barbie creator’s ideals
                By Stephanie Finnegan

12             Julie Manley
                Combines history, fashion & fantasy in her custom creations

14             Aya
                Meadow Dolls returns with a new DOLLS exclusive BJD

34             Staying Positive
                Collette Hatch finds her happy place with art dolls

36            OOAK Characters
                Denise Bledsoe mixes fun & fantasy
                By Pam North

DOLLS Presents BJDs

BJD3        Halls of Imagination
                Connie Lowe continues to expand her BJD world

BJD6        Faith & Family
                Inspire Rose Lacefield’s Bbflockling dolls
                By Rose Lacefield

BJD8        Cowgirl Up!
                Pat Moulton’s new BJDs are ready for a roundup!

BJD10      First Things First
                Proper design is key to making a modern BJD
                By Joe MacPhale, Ancient Whispers LLC

BJD14      BJD Scene


Making a BJD Part 1: In the magazine (above)

Making a BJD Part 2: Sculpting a Doll with Movement in Mind by Joe MacPhale

Making a BJD Part 3: Out on a Limb by Joe MacPhale

Making a BJD Part 4: Upper Body Strength

Making a BJD Part 5: Time to Join

Making a BJD Part 6: Time to Blush


6            Editor’s Notebook
38            Doll Scene
40            Antique Q&A
41            Classifieds
42            Curious Collector
43            Portraits
44            Paper Doll
46            Event Calendar
46            Advertiser Index