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Just wondering
Tuesday, 04 August 2009 00:58

Lately I am having such confusing days. Always feeling like I am not quite finishing everything I need to get done. Realizing for the first time, I think there really are not enough hours in a day. Then I start to wonder when did we get this big? And is this what I really wanted???

My First Blog
Monday, 15 June 2009 17:59

I think I am going to start this Visiting Dolly Artist blog, by giving people a blow by blow of my day! I got up at 5 a.m., and fed my 17 animals, soon to 18, as we are taking in a little female cat that twitches. Now for those of you who know me, I have only broken and mostly really elderly animals. So of course why wouldn’t we take the twitcher.

Love Me Tender
Friday, 09 January 2009 20:50

romance-marie-osmond"The Only One for Me Is You and You for Me"

Romance, designed by artist Karen Scott for the Marie Osmond Doll Collection, captures hearts in a sheer, embroidered organza dress and long, dark, curly hair. The 17-inch doll is part of an edition of 1,200 and is priced at $129.95. She is made of porcelain and has a cloth body.

Click here to see an array of delightful love-me-tender-themed dolls.

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