Recently my collection has been infiltrated by several male dolls.  The first one of note (aside from the motionless Ken, Steven, and other of Barbie’s several years’ long, male standstills) is Robert Tonner’s 17-inch, Russell WilliamsRussell has been here since July of 2008.  He has enjoyed the company of a few 15-to-16-inch dolls with Far Out Friday Foster being his current female of choice for the past six months.

However, after acquiring the DID Obama action figure and dressing him in casual clothing, several other playscale (approximately 12-inch) males have entered the collection.  I have developed a keen interest in these males because of the desperate, single women (my 11-1/2 and 12-inch fashion dolls) who have long desired male companionship.

My most recent acquisitions have been World Peacekeepers military figures manufactured by M & C Toy Centre Ltd.  After removing their weaponry, the two I chose to keep fit in nicely with my collection.  Plans are to redress them in complete civilian outfits later.

Prior to acquiring these males, the notion to think outside of the boxes of Ken/Steven/Brad/Jamal and other Mattel-made, stationary males never entered my mind.  Until recently, I had never considered including actual male action figures into the mainstream of the collection.  Who knew, except other playscale collectors, about the posing possibilities that their multiple points of articulation and stand-alone ability could create?

The menWell, after seeing what these vinyl men can do, how well they can move, my collection of ruggedly handsome, moveable men is growing by leaps and bounds.  I have a strong suspicion that as others are added to the playscale market, they too will migrate to Texas to ease the tensions of the other loose (as in deboxed), 11-1/2 to 12-inch fashion dolls, who are eager to demonstrate their twist ‘n turn and pivotal moves (in a tasteful way, of course).

The womenChristie, Barbie, Opal, Emerald, Rosa and other Mattel and Mixis dolls no longer suffer from lack of male doll companionship.  I attribute their glowing complexions, shining eyes, and glistening smiles to the new men in their lives.