(This is an excerpt from my book, Black Dolls: A Comprehensive Guide to Celebrating, Collecting, and Experiencing the Passion, pages 17-18.)




ll dolls in your collection should warm your heart and provide a sense of pleasure.    Therefore,









uy dolls that you like.  Before purchasing, be certain that the doll meets your collecting needs.  Sometimes using a “cooling down period” (hours or days) before purchasing, can help you decide if the doll needs to become part of your collection.







are for the dolls once they become part of your collection.  Keep them dirt and dust free; limit their sun exposure, keep them in a climate-controlled, moisture-free, nonsmoking environment.







isplay your dolls creatively using doll stands, book shelves, curio cabinets, doll and/or children’s furniture for larger dolls (and dust them routinely).  Larger dolls can easily hold smaller dolls, too.







lectronic auction sites via the Internet can be used as doll-buying avenues, but caveat emptor (buyer beware).  Online images and descriptions may not disclose full detail and information.  Email sellers and ask questions.  Keep copies of sellers’ answers in the event that a doll won on auction does not arrive in described condition.  A good question to ask before placing an online doll bid is:  “Does this doll have any flaws that are not outlined in the item description?  If so, what are they? Thank you.”  When buying vintage or antique dolls, use any means necessary to ascertain a doll’s authenticity. 






un, fun, fun is what all aspects of doll collecting should mean to you.  Others may not understand your passion, but it is yours; own it and enjoy it!







arage, yard, or estate sales; thrift stores or second-hand stores are good places to look for preloved dolls.  Visit these frequently in your search for vintage dolls and doll accessories.







ave a focus.  Your collection should comprise a category or two of dolls that most interest you, e.g. antique dolls, cloth dolls, fashion dolls, modern artist dolls, play dolls, etc.







nsure your collection, particularly if your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance will not replace it in the event of loss.

A to Z Tips on Collecting Part 1 of 3, an excerpt from Black Dolls A Comprehensive Guide to Celebrating, Collecting and Experiencing the Passion, pages 17-18. Copyright © 2008 Debbie Behan Garrett