One of my doll-from-the-dark-side favorites … Barbie by Christian Louboutin

Zombies, vampires and ghouls … oh my! It seems everywhere I turn another doll from the dark side is making its entrance into the doll scene. Why are dolls trending dark? Must be some magical mix in society that has opened the door to the frightfully paranormal and unusual, which has then translated into doll company offerings. From Tonner Doll Co.’s Fashion Zombies and Sinister Circus creations to The Ashton-Drake Galleries’ “Delilah Noir” and “Emily the Strange” and the work of countless one-of-a-kind dollmakers, there is definitely something mysterious in the air. Stephanie Finnegan investigates the trend in the February 2010 issue of DOLLS magazine in the article, “Frightfully Fantastic.” It’s a must-read and personally, I’m hoping this door into the dark doll world continues to open just a little wider. Based off of all the intriguing offerings from doll companies and artists, I can’t wait to see how doll companies mesmerize companies next.