Several months have passed since I redressed Paulette Goodreau’s Mirror, the first American, dark skinned, BJD doll.  She underwent an extensive photo shoot for images submitted with the February 2009 DOLLS magazine article, “The Many Faces in My Mirror,” pages 56-57.  At least one redress followed.

Mirror a.k.a. “Cocoa” usually wears Teen Trends fashions, but can wear an assortment of other fashions made for similar sized dolls.  Prior to today’s redressing session, she wore Teen Trends Kianna’s Weekend Wear–a black split skirt with red, white, and black plaid pleats; red tank top with black piping, and black Big Apple–style hat.  With this outfit, she alternated between black knee-high boots or white over-the-knee white socks and black flat shoes.  A long, dark brown curly wig complimented the look.

Today, “Cocoa” was redressed in the weekend wear outfit made for Teen Trends Courtney–a blue and tan striped shirt, tan sweater, denim jeans, and brown sandals.  She holds a light blue cell phone, which allows her to remain in touch with her imaginary boyfriend.  Her current shoulder-length wig is brown, curly, and has bangs.

After getting redressed today, “we” went outside to take photos in natural light because her new green eyes (I finally mustered up enough courage to change her eyes) do not photograph well inside.  The sun felt good to both of us!

I continue to enjoy the ability to change “Cocoa’s” appearance using an assortment of different wigs, clothing, shoe gear, and now eyes.  Our joint wish (Cocoa’s and mine) is for her imaginary boyfriend (a dark skinned, vinyl, male BJD) to materialize… hopefully soon.