Doll collectors share a glimpse of how their dolls spent 2023. 

Deni Sorensen

In addition to handmaking a needle-felted owl for Pullip Minervah, Deni Sorensen designed, made, and organized the props.
Deni Sorensen said this Pullip Amarri and Nikki Cat Doll (from Odeco-chan and Nikki) are in a spooky scene offering a pumpkin pie. The pie was made by a separate artist. Background props were handmade/designed by Sorensen.  
Olivia Wilde, a Rainbow High doll, was customized by Deni Sorensen with handmade/designed wings of wood veneer, a bodice and skirt, a charm belt, repainted lips, and redone hair. Sorensen said, “Her backdrop is also personally handmade props using fake flowers organized to create an enchanted atmosphere, perfect for a woodland fairy.” 
Deni Sorensen said this is “Dal Cherry Sweet in full stock, reaching for a gummi bear in an enchanted forest scene. Background props were handmade/designed by myself.” 

Neo Reinikainen

Neo Reinikainen said, “Cooper, Taeyang Sage, savors the final weeks of summer while surrounded by a sea of clovers.”  
Neo Reinikainen’s Pullip Hello Kitty, Kat, takes a leisurely stroll in the early days of April. 
Marcel, Neo Reinikainen’s Taeyang Hitsugi Pullip doll, is photographed in a bed of reeds.  
A one-of-a-kind Syyskaiho doll, Neo Reinikainen’s Freema listens to some tunes.  

Daryle Wane

Pictured is Daryle Wane’s Queen Elizabeth II custom doll by Alana Bennett. 
Daryle Wane’s Queen Elizabeth II custom doll by Irina Gorelkina is part of Wane’s royalty doll collection. Wane said, “They are my treasures.” 
This Queen Elizabeth II custom doll by Alesia Newman-Breen is part of Daryl Wane’s collection.
Shown in a wedding dress is Daryle Wane’s Queen Elizabeth II custom doll by Sarah Schmill. 

Janis Kiker

“Ann Estelle, Michael, and Sophie had fun backyard camping this summer!” Janis Kiker said.  
Janis Kiker said, “Ann Estelle and Sophie enjoyed a lot of summer gardening.” 
“Ellowyne enjoyed some sweet treats from a not-so-secret admirer!” Janis Kiker said.

Jane Easterly

Jane Easterly’s vintage childhood Allan doll from Mattel enjoys a break from his newfound celebrity resulting from the Barbie movie. 
“Sunset is a custom Dal doll from a Groove Make It Own kit in mocha by Kiki and Chrysanthemum. She wears an outfit from Ylang Garden,” Jane Easterly said. 
Jane Easterly said, “Four LOL Surprise Loves Mini Sweets Peeps dolls get together to share their style.” 

Jessica LeBar

Jessica LeBar said, “Smart Doll Kizuna sets up a tea party with Groove Little Dal Romantic White Rabbit and Little Dal Pink Alice using Alice in Wonderland miniature pieces from Re-ment. Kizuna is wearing a top from EliteDollWorld.” 
Fairyland Puki Puki Niko wears a Kelly doll costume in Jessica LeBar’s garden in the spring.  
After stopping by her local StarBat’s for a pumpkin spice latte, Jessica LeBar’s Smart Doll Anime North is ready for a busy day of doing witchy things while dressed in EliteDollWorld separates.  
Jessica LeBar’s Smart Doll, Chitose, relaxes with a book on a snowy afternoon. 
Jessica LeBar’s Fairyland Minifee Ingrid wears an EliteDollWorld top and poses with spring flowers.

Eileen Wood

Eileen Wood’s 12-inch R.M.S. Aquitania sailor doll has a felted head, hands, and feet.  

Janice Berte

Janice Berte’s dolls embrace the holidays in their themed outfits. 

Bonnie Davis

Bonnie Davis said, “Vintage 1940s Terri Lee and Jerri Lee dolls traveled to Kansas City for the Terri Lee Queen of Dolls Convention in September. The convention theme for 2023 was Terri on the Prairie. It was a long and dangerous journey for the dolls to Kansas from Tennessee. The terrain was rough, with big hills to climb and large rivers to cross. Dolls had to contend with the possibility of droppings from birds flying overhead and big dogs who wanted to chew them up. Sixteen-inch dolls traveled in a wagon sold by Queen’s Treasures. Also, the Terri Lee doll herding the cow is wearing a green dress from Queen’s Treasures. Other dolls are wearing a mix and match of vintage and new clothing and shoes.” 

Deborah Dawson

Deborah Dawson’s U.S. Chatty Cathy, made by Mattel, wears a cheerleading uniform Dawson made. Dawson said, “I embroidered the UK for her outfit as well. The reason I did this outfit is my husband went to the University of Kentucky.”  

Debbie Gussow

Debbie Gussow said, “My girls are ready for some Halloween fun! I enjoyed making their dresses and treat bags. All of the dolls are made by Ruby Red Galleria. The doll on the right is Fashion Friend Bella — she is the big sister. In the middle is Girl in Motion Lia, and on the left is Bailey, a Siblie.” 

Hannah Taylor

Hannah Taylor, who runs the blog The Toy Gems, has her American Girl dolls dressed for autumn in either their smart fancy attire or warm and cozy outfits. She said they are all ready for a party and then a movie night straight after. Their pets include Treat the Western Terrier and Humus the brown bear. Pictured from left: (top) Joss Kendrick, Brooklyn, Logan; (bottom) Luciana Vega, Maritza Ochoa, and Caroline. 

Beverly Hart

Beverly Hart said her dolls are getting ready to celebrate the new year in their traditional kimonos.