Attending local doll shows is a great way to pass your love of dolls on to young daughters or relatives. Here’s my experience.

I took my five and eight year-old daughters to their first doll show on Saturday. Before we left, I had to make them swear (in blood) that

  • they wouldn’t throw fits about buying dolls beyond their allowance or cause a scene,
  • they wouldn’t whine about when we could go home,
  • they wouldn’t beg me to buy any dolls, and
  • if they didn’t think they could keep to these rules, they should not attend the show.

Lauren at the doll showYou might think these rules are strict; however, I take my doll shows seriously, as I may want to return next year. Plus, I don’t want to apply the “one more restaurant we can never come back to” approach I’ve had as a mother of four for the previous ten years to my doll hobby.
My worry was unfounded. My daughters had a wonderful time. They looked at every booth with enthusiasm–enjoying each table, pointing out tiny dolls, miniature furniture and stuffed animals–to the delight of older collectors attending the show. Kate spent her allowance on a Dolls of the World Princess of England Barbie, and Lauren hers on a gigantic grab bag of doll-themed stickers. They were truly delighted to look and enjoy the sights.
I enjoyed myself, too, and can’t wait for the next local show in October. It gave us something to do together–just the girls. I love that I have passed the love of dolls to my daughters, and I hope that it will “stick” past their teenage years as well.