Watch a video of the Dolls Awards of Excellence 2018 Industry’s Choice Winners above, or sift through a slideshow below. The complete list is at the bottom of this article.

Winners Now Become Your Public’s Choice Nominees

The 2018 Dolls Awards of Excellence (DAEs, also known as the Diamond Awards) Industry’s Choice winners were announced June 30 at the International Doll & Teddy Show in Orlando, Florida. The Industry’s Choice winners will now go on to become the nominees for this year’s Public’s Choice Awards, and the winners will be chosen by you, the readers of DOLLS magazine! The Public’s Choice winners will be announced in the January/February 2019 issue of DOLLS magazine.

Photos of the nominees and a paper ballot will be published in the August/September 2018 issue of DOLLS magazine, along with our Reader Survey. You can also vote online here. 

Your Chance to Win

This year, we’re also conducting a brief reader survey to find out how we can improve DOLLS magazine for our readers. After submitting your online Public’s Choice Award ballot, you’ll be offered the option to fill out the survey, as well. Every person who fills out the survey will receive one entry in a drawing to win a free one-year subscription (or extension of existing subscription) to DOLLS.

Our Judges

DOLLS magazine sincerely thanks this year’s Industry’s Choice Award judges. Their donation of time and effort in order to evaluate each entry is much appreciated.

Berdine Creedy. A past winner of multiple Diamond Awards, our 2016 Artist of the Year, and a winner of the Jones Publishing Lifetime Achievement Award, Creedy began her dollmaking career in the early ’90s working in porcelain, later began designing vinyl dolls, and then became a popular creator of resin ball-jointed dolls (BJDs).

Stephanie Finnegan. A devotee of all things dolls and bears, Finnegan is the former editor of Teddy Bear Review and DOLLS. She continues today as DOLLS’ senior contributor and blogger. The author of several books on doll artistry and dollhouses, Finnegan is never happier than when she is telling a tale about a new doll line being launched or a forgotten icon being rediscovered.

Jack Johnston. An award-winning doll artist himself, though now retired, Johnston is a Lifetime Achievement Award winner, a dedicated teacher, has authored several books on making art dolls, developed ProSculpt polymer clay, and founded the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild.

Dolls Awards of Excellence

2018 Industry’s Choice Winners

Standard Categories

Collectible Baby Doll

Baby Bella, Paradise Galleries

La Newborn Deluxe Gift Set, JC Toys Group

Lots of Love Ellemenno, Nikki Britt

Paris, Michelle Fagan

Pretty and Petite Presley, The Ashton-Drake Galleries


Collectible Child Doll

Cupcake, Linda Macario for JpopDolls

Giggi, Miroslava Brodlova

Jinny, Nikki Britt

Red Riding Hood, Hildegard Günzel

Sienna, Kaye Wiggs


Collectible Teen/Adult Doll

Belle and Mrs. Potts, Hildegard Günzel

Claire’s New Look, Tonner Doll Company

East Meets West Ling Lang, JAMIEshow Dolls

Lara, Tatiana Tofaneto

Yuri, Ruby Red Galleria


Collectible Fantasy Doll

Beastie, TracyP for JpopDolls

Olive Oyl, Gregg Ortiz

Silent Night Angel, The Ashton-Drake Galleries

Sleeping Beauty Jasmine, Viktoriya Oganyan

Wonder Woman Training Armor Deluxe, Tonner Doll Company


Custom Baby Doll

Lottie, Maria Grover

Valentino Asleep, Laura Tuzio-Ross

Valentino Awake, Laura Tuzio-Ross


Custom Child Doll

Cinderella, Zofia & Henry Zawieruszynski

Flopsy and Mopsy, Liz Frost

Moki, Annette Herrmann

Stella, Connie Lowe

Stella, Rhonda Ingram


Custom Teen/Adult Doll

Gabrysia, Zofia & Henry Zawieruszynski

Nala, Miroslava Brodlova

Portrait of Queen Victoria, Sonja Bryer

Trapeze Artist, Bo Bergemann

Willow, Liz Frost


Custom Fantasy Doll

Andrea, Pat Moulton

Ice Queen, Bo Bergemann

Makiko (faun), Miroslava Brodlova

Prancer, Liz Frost

Yarrow, Kim Arnold


OOAK Baby Doll

Dreaming Beary Much, Mayra Garza

Emma, Fiorenza Biancheri

Little Lida, Sherri Williams

Paisley and Phoenix, Somebunny Loves You!, Lauren Faith Jaimes

Phoenix, Laura Tuzio-Ross


OOAK Child Doll

April, Melinda Wood

Lia Rose, Linda Brown-Trinckes

Little Loves, Brenda Scott

Rose Ann, Beverly Stoehr

Sophia, Cynthia Jensen


OOAK Teen/Adult Doll

Clara, Joy Calhoon

Enchanted Blue, Gregg Ortiz

The Ghost of Christmas Past, Esther Manso

Liberty Grace, Zofia & Henry Zawieruszynski

Rhiannon, Celtic Goddess, Anna Maryina


OOAK Fantasy Doll

Bearded Merman, Barbara Kee

Daphne, Lori Platt

Harlequin, Natalie Ruiz

Princess & Frog, Linda Zalme

Thorin, Esther Manso


Special Categories

Doll Fashion

A Foreign Affaire, Connie Lowe

Lavish, Liz Frost

Regina, Joe Kowalski

A Taste of Spring, Marie Adair

Willow Bohemian Fairy, Brenda Mize


Doll Repaint/Face-Up

Bailey, Charlene Smith

Layla, Alena Gendala

My Twinn, Kim Arnold

Shannon, April Norton

Silvia, Laura Corti


Reborn Doll

Journey, Judy Gray/Wilkinson

Luna, Susan Gibbs

Nina, Albie Wentzel

Richard, Ruth Aguilar

Tiffany, Maria Grover