A sampling of dolls Carrie Frantz has created is shown here.
“These are my Charm Chompers, an original product that I created myself, and the world’s first toy line made just for dolls! This is just one of many accessories that I sell,” Carrie Frantz said.

Carrie Frantz Makes Dolls To Help Others

Photos by Carrie Frantz

DOLLS: What type of dolls do you make?

Carrie Frantz: I make reborn dolls.

DOLLS: How did you get your start in dollmaking?

Frantz: I first discovered these dolls in 2019 completely by accident while scrolling online. I purchased one for myself to help with my own lifelong depression and the empty-nest syn­drome that I was experiencing. I realized after about a month that my depression had lifted. Decades of therapy, pills, and treatments, and a doll is what finally cured me! At the time, I’d just gotten divorced and had very little money to my name. I became so passionate about what these dolls had done for me that I decided I wanted to learn to create them for others in similar situations. I took a risk and invested what little I had into buying the supplies I’d need to begin creating these dolls myself. The rest is history!

This is a family portrait of some of Carrie Frantz’s own baby dolls.
Caruso is one of Carrie Frantz’s own baby dolls.

DOLLS: What do you like most about dollmaking?

Frantz: What I love most is that I am making a differ­ence in the lives of people like me, who are suffering from depression, anxiety, and all sorts of other ailments. Or for the people who are unable to have children themselves. To me, it is a total miracle to see people’s lives changed simply by having something to love and take care of. It is such a simple, inexpensive, and easily obtainable solution. My hope is to educate the general public and normalize these dolls in our society, and to erase the stigma that can sometimes be associated with them. To me, it is truly an honor and privilege to have a gift that allows me to bring joy and happiness to others.

DOLLS: Who are the intended buyers of your dolls?

Frantz: My dolls are intended for anyone and everyone. They are for those suffering with depression and anxiety, those who’ve suffered a miscarriage or loss of a child, those who can­not have the children that they’ve always longed for, and even for Alzheimer’s sufferers — I’ve personally seen the difference that these dolls can make in their lives. I also make them for doll collectors and for people who simply love them. Pretty much anyone and everyone can benefit from these dolls, in my opin­ion. (I even make them for myself as well, on occasion!)

DOLLS: Where can your dolls be purchased?

Frantz: I sell my dolls on various online platforms, but the easiest way to see my currently available dolls is through my website, carriedawaycuties.com. I also have a Facebook page (facebook.com/carriesreborns), where I list my newest releases first, and I can be contacted directly through that page or my website. I create custom-order dolls, and I create a variety of doll accessories that are meant to be enjoyed by any type of doll. For those on a tight budget, I even offer very convenient payment plans.

Carrie Frantz is pictured working in her studio.

DOLLS: If someone wants to learn more about your dolls, what should they do?

Frantz: To learn more about me or my dolls, the best way is to check out my website. I not only feature my currently available babies there, but I also have a huge gallery of previ­ous dolls that I have made so that people can get an idea of my style and see examples of my work. I have several categories of doll accessories that you can browse through as well. From there, I have information about myself, information about re­born dolls in general, and my contact information.

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