By A. Glenn Mandeville

Q: A friend of mine who collects antique dolls got this Madame Alexander Greek Boy in a box lot. I traded her some antique doll shoes that I had for him. The facial coloring on this doll is absolutely stunning, and I wonder if you could give me a year and more information?

A: Madame Alexander began the In­ternational Series of dolls in 1962, and the series continues to this day. Some dolls, including yours, were only made for a short time. He was origi­nally issued with a walking mechanism in 1965, but then he was changed to just a bend knee doll for 1967 through 1969.

He wears a traditional Greek costume still worn today for certain celebrations. A girl doll in the series has been issued nu­merous times, but the boy doll in traditional costume was only made for a short time.

Given today’s market, prices for the International Series are fluctuating. I would say $75 and up for a doll that’s mint in box with wrist tag, especially with the vivid face coloring your doll has. I might add that today a doll can bring many different prices depending on where and how it is offered for sale. No one isolated sale can be used to establish a value. It always was and still is a good idea to have many sources available when purchasing a doll for your collection.