In our October issue, we invited DOLLS readers to share photos of their dolls dressed up in holiday finery, and boy, did you deliver! Here’s a selection of collector’s dolls in their Halloween finery. And we’re not done yet! Collectors have been so enthusiastic in their responses, we’re going to keep this feature going all year round!

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We start with this series of vignettes courtesy of Joann Sparks, who wrote, “I decided to show my dolls at the kind of Halloween Carnival we always had as kids — there was always a ‘Fish Pond’ — I wonder if anyone else had those? That’s what started it.  There are different games going on and food and treats to buy and lots of candy for the game winners. But the ‘older’ girls want to do something a little scarier and have gone to visit the old Town cemetery! I had a lot of fun setting this up and just want to give a bit of credit to Ann at PaperMinis for kits for a lot of the paper miniatures I’m using.”

Bernay Scott redressed and, in some cases rewigged, several of her dolls to get them ready for trick-or-treating.

And many more collectors sent photos of their dolls in Halloween finery: